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Thursday, September 27, 2007

A New Low in Language-Twisting

Planned Parenthood's spokesmouth told the Aurora City Council that, no, Planned Parenthood had not committed fraud when it used a developer's name instead if its own name in applying for building permits to build an abortuary, although of course they didn't mention that in the applications either.

No, no. You don't understand. You see, Planned Parenthood was "taking a low visibility approach," she said.

We didn't commit fraud, you see. We were just taking a low visibility approach.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd say your post is a new low in language twisting. Planned Parenthood is trying to keep a low profile. That statement was truthful; your post is not.

Planned Parenthood's low profile is necessary because people like you harass women going into Planned Parenthood facilities. People like you focus on abortion to the point where you cannot see that Planned Parenthood supplies health care services such as pap smears, breast exams and life-saving surgery to poor women and women who cannot get those services elsewhere. No, not just abortion. Health care.

I've been one of those women who had to fight her way through crazy, screaming 'christians' to get a life-saving procedure. No, not an abortion. And Planned Parenthood was the only organization willing to save my life at a price I could afford to pay.

As for your implication that there was fraud committed, somehow, know this: There is no fraud in having a builder or developer apply for a building permit. It happens all the time in every state.

The only fraud here is you. You say you aspire to a life in Christ, but you are constantly intolerant, unforgiving and untruthful.

If you really believe in Christ, read what he said about hypocrites. Read John 13:34! Stop thinking like a sociopath!

Love. Forgive. Tolerate. Tell the truth. And let your writing show those qualities instead of this neo-con extremism.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Dear Anonymous,

I hope this quote will help you understand why the language twisting of the so-called "pro choice" movement is not just word play, but is having and will have real and devastating consequences not only for the individuals like yourself who believe it, but for our country as well:

"The phrase "Pro Choice" (which is what the Pro abortionists use) strikes me as one of the most depraved, apocalyptically wicked, rhetorical facts in the history of western civilization in the Christian era. The phrase means "Pro Sin" or "Free to Chose Sin." The phrase would actually be less dreadful if it were "Pro Abortion" because that would confine it to the sphere of a particular moral problem, but by turning it to what seems a euphemism, the "Pro Choice" people have rung the final rhetorical "death knell" to the entire Democratic experiment.

The phrase "Pro Choice" means "without conscience, or without inhibition, or without restraint," and it parades itself under the Jeffersonian banner of liberty of conscience and separation of Church and State. As a rhetorical gesture, perfectly designed to function as a political banner, this phrase constitutes the last word: the official formulation of official apostate defiance against the God of Christianity. I am confident that God will answer it apocalyptically."

9:57 AM  
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