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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rove Exit Shows Bankruptcy of Bush Policies

Rove exited stage left because he & W. knew the jig was up after the immigration fiasco. They tried one too many times to pull one over on the conservative base & got caught red-handed. End of story.

The sad part is that they succeeded so many times, but at the price of destroying the Reagan coalition.

Thanks to these "geniuses" it will now be at least ten years before the Republican Party regains control of Congress and the White House.

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Blogger I'm Cranky said...

Wow! I actually agree with you. Except for a couple of points...

It'll be more than ten years until Repugs can regain power -- it takes something like 30 for the public to forget.

And Rove left primarily because of his role in numerous scandals and to get in some last minute profit taking.

Let's face it -- this guy can only make money off of influence peddling while Bush is in office.

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