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Thursday, August 16, 2007

God, Allah, What's the Difference?

Yet another sign of the End Times in a World Gone Mad -- a Dutch clergyman by the name of Tiny Muskens (I swear I am not making this up) claims it's OK to call God "Allah" because "God doesn't mind what he is called."

Hmmm. What about Exodus 3:15?

"God also said to Moses, “Say this to the people of Israel, ‘The Lord [1], the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you.’ This is my name forever, and thus I am to be remembered throughout all generations."

I don't see any mention of Allah in there . . . or anywhere else in the Bible for that matter.

Note: The footnote in the ESV is also instructive. It reads: [1]The word Lord, when spelled with capital letters, stands for the divine name, YHWH, which is here connected with the verb hayah, “to be” in verse 14.



Blogger I'm Cranky said...

Wow! Yes, I think we should hew to the Bible in all things, not just in how we refer to god.

For example, we should stone you since you wear mixed-fiber clothing.

It's an abomination!!!

11:58 AM  
Blogger Mariano said...

The level of ignorance (and I literally mean lack of information) regarding the Bible is no less than shocking. More so shocking due to the astonishing amount of information available to us. Worse still, the unfathomable level of ignorance of those of criticize the Bible. Actually, not those who criticize the Bible but criticize their own astonishing misunderstanding, misapplication, misinterpretations of the Bible.
Simply stated: if are not a Jewish person living in a particular place, in a particular time, under a particular covenant you are not bound to Old Testament regulations. The Bible makes this very clear.
As to those who erroneously think that stonable offenses mean that you could just stone anyone whom you perceived to be breaking the law please consider reading immediate contexts and greater contexts. Beginning at Exodus 18:13-26 we see a careful judicious system being established. Reference to the two or three witnesses that were required are found in Deuteronomy 17:6, 19:15, Matthew 18:16, 2nd Corinthians 13:1, 1st Timothy 5:19 and Hebrews 10:28. These are a part of a very careful and restrictive system. Please take a moment to be fair, informed, and charitable.

4:37 PM  

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